Thursday, June 16, 2016

To Colorado, California, Wisconsin

On the way to California, I took advantage of a 9 hour layover and stopped off at my friend's school in Loveland Colorado. What incredible fun! Thank you friend for letting me share my heart with your and your co-workers' students! 
teaching in Loveland, Colorado
How are we going to reach Bible-less people?

In California I protected the first week, spending time with only my family. How sweet it was to connect with them in the flesh.
cousin with juice

Niece and brother-in-law keeping their bees
Niece and Brother-in-law keeping their bees
Selfie with parents
Me and my parents
The next two weeks were filled with: church missions' board meetings; dinner, lunch, coffee, walks, and hangouts with numerous friends and partners; sharing with a Sunday School class; and  a weekend away in my friends' home. 

Selfie with a family or friends
Fun Visit!

Selfie with Prayer Warrior Friend
Amazing Prayer Warrior and Friend
Thank you for your prayers! God gave me immense peace, joy, and enthusiasm for each conversation. He built my passion for our work and for my partners.  

I returned to the Carolinas* for one week and took off again for a last-minute trip to Chicago.

From there, I headed up to Watertown, Wisconsin to celebrate my friends' 30 years of marriage. 
Celebrating 30 Years
My friends taking pics before they renew their vows

I enjoyed a week with them and their kids, including my friend and her family. God was so good giving me meaningful time to catch up with her and another close friend! Plus I was able to briefly connect with 2 churches.
Friends at 'The Creek'
Rediscovering 'The Creek' from my childhood with my friend and her son

To top off the last-minute trip, God set a divine appointment. I went to photograph a gorgeous sunset and bumped into a woman from my Wisconsin church.

Bless my Aunt who picked up and hosted me for my first and final nights and her friend who took me back to the airport.
Yes, we are related

While both trips were full of visits, I did not get to see everyone that I wanted to. To you I say, I'm sorry. Let's talk, text, email, skype, Instagram, or Facebook.   

What's Next?
From the Carolinas:

  1. Inviting individuals and churches to financial partnership.
  2. Attending Intercultural Communication Course (ICC) in July/August
  3. Lord-willing, working with the ICC team in August (when 100% of my budget is met- I can't wait!)
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*I live in South Carolina and work in North Carolina